To Be or Not To Be . . . A Volunteer

Several years ago we heard about Dogs with Wings on the radio.  We avoided it because we thought it would be too much of a commitment.  What a mistake!  We’ve had DWW Toby for four weeks now, and the joy he’s brought our entire family, in such a short time is immeasurable.  Yes, he’s a lot of work; yes, he chews on things; yes, he pees in the house sometimes.  But, how can anyone be annoyed with that when you leave the room for three minutes and come back to a puppy wagging his tail so hard he almost falls over because he’s so happy to see you?  He is pure bliss.  We know it will be difficult to give him up in a year’s time, but to know the joy, the support and the life-changing effect he will have on someone else, will be worth it in the end.

To be honest, one thing we did not anticipate was the pride we feel when DWW Toby has his jacket on and is working.  To be able to say we are raising him to be an Assistance Dog, is a tremendous thing.  And consider this – you get a free puppy for a full year!  That’s the kind of volunteer job we can get behind!

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