Sporty Names

Olympic Dog TagDear DWW Walker was a celebrated visitor to six assistance dog schools across the United States this summer. While there he gifted these schools with litters of strong Walker babies. Dogs with Wings gets one puppy from each of these litters and because Walker was such a good sport, we decided to name them after the summer Olympics. DWW Rio, Archer, Polo and Maple have already arrived and are loving their new Canadian homes. There are two more puppies coming as well whose names are pending in case someone wants to sponsor them.

There are always opportunities available to sponsor a DWW dog.

Bequests and Memorial Donations

Signing a WillIn 2016, Dogs with Wings has been the beneficiary of several bequests and memorial donations. These funds have helped us tremendously to carry on our work and ensure our future.

If you are creating or updating your will, please consider including a bequest to Dogs with Wings. Share your commitment to our organization with your family members so they understand what is important to you and why. Letting your family members know what causes are closest to your heart can help them make the most meaningful choice when directing mourners where to send memorial donations.

You can find more information on bequests and memorial donations perusing this site.