SAIT Students Create a Working Dog Documentary

It was late December 2017, when Dogs with Wings was contacted by two eager SAIT students of the Radio, Television and Broadcast News (RTBN) Program, Heather Comeault and Skylar Kokol.  They explained they were working together on a project to create a documentary about working dogs and invited DWW to be a part of the documentary.  We were thrilled at this opportunity to work with Heather and Skylar, and agreed to participate.

The purpose of the documentary is to bring awareness to various types of working dogs such as service dogs and search and rescue dogs.  Heather and Skylar wanted to educate their audience on how these dogs help citizens in our communities and why they do what they do.

After months of preparations, interviews, editing and hard work, these students have completed their documentary entitled, “Dogs on Duty”.  Please view below:

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