Reduce Your Dog’s Barking

Whether you live in a house, condominium, or a homeowner’s association, a dog’s barking is seldom welcomed by the neighbors. Solving a barking problem usually isn’t that difficult. Unfortunately, many of the methods of resolving a barking issue isn’t intuitive to pet owners because they don’t understand how dogs think or why the problem even exists at all. By identifying the root cause of barking and reacting accordingly, most pet owners can resolve their barking problems to their owner’s satisfaction.

Show Your Dog You Care

If your dog is barking, it’s usually to show you something. Your dog may believe there’s an intruder on the prowl, or may believe that something suspicious is going on outside. Sometimes just checking on the problem can be enough to show your dog that you’re taking their alert seriously and that nothing is wrong. Dogs, for the large part, are very intelligent and compassionate animals. Your dog just wants to know that you’re aware there could be a problem.

Correct Your Dog Gently

Screaming at your dog is the best way to get your dog to bark even louder, as your dog will take it as a sign that something is wrong. Your dog is barking because it’s worried, which means the fastest way to calm your dog down is to show it that there is nothing to worry about. Command your dog to stop barking quietly but firmly, check out the source of its concern and then proceed to act as though everything is normal. If you become agitated or frustrated, your dog will be even more convinced that something is wrong.

Exhaust Your Dog

Dogs require both physical and mental attention, and this is especially true of many working breeds.

Dogs that bark when left alone or bark for reasons other than suspicious activity and external stimulus are usually just bored.

If your dog is barking a lot, it’s very likely you haven’t been able to give it the attention that it craves and deserves. Taking your dog out a little more often or taking it to the dog park to burn off some excess energy may be an excellent way to resolve the issue for good.

Dogs rarely ever bark unless there is something wrong. If you currently have a barking problem, the first step to resolving it will be to recognize that it’s actually symptomatic of a different issue. Once you resolve this other issue for your dog, you’ll find that your dog will be calmer, happier and quieter.