Kids of Alberta Social Media Campaign


Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink (BFK) is looking for Dogs with Wings Kids of Alberta who would like to share their story for their “Kids of Alberta” Social Media Campaign on how a DWW Assistance Dog has impacted their life, and their family’s lives.


‘Kids of Alberta’ Social Media Campaign – Accepting JULY Submissions!

As you may have seen on the @ShawClassic social media accounts over the past few weeks, several Birdies for Kids charities have been featured with their Kids of Alberta impact stories.


What BFK is looking for:

  • A photo of a youth, or a drawing they have done that can be shared on Facebook and Instagram. Please send high quality photos. If you wish to be anonymous, your face does not need to be in the photo. For example, one of the charities sent in a drawing that one of their youth did representing how they felt.
  • A very short story or quote (MAX 150 WORDS) written from the perspective of the child about one of the following (BFK is open to all creative suggestions!): their story or the struggles they are facing, how Dogs with Wings has helped them, why or how they got involved with DWW, a dream they may have, or a quote from them, etc.

BFK is hoping to share all submissions, but depending on the amount they receive, they may not be able to share all stories. Please do not send submissions longer than 150 words, as we do not have the capacity to edit all of the stories down to the 150 word maximum. Checkout BFK’s social media pages @ShawClassic, if you are looking for some inspiration!


Questions? Send an email to Kim Zahara at:




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