‘Join Us’ at the Dogs with Wings UN-Gala

DWW Un-Gala Graphic

Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid-19, we have had to cancel our annual Raise Our Wings Gala scheduled for October 17, 2020, our largest fundraiser of the year!

Although we are not hosting an in-person event this year, we thought we could have a little fun with the event’s nickname and still raise some funds by "selling tickets" and "hosting an auction" - without there being any event to attend nor any items to bid on.....truly living up to the event’s nickname of the UN-GALA!

I would love to support DWW and participate in the UN-Gala!

$250 “Let’s Go to the UN-Gala Package”
I would have purchased 2 Gala tickets, 2 drinks and an Auction item. So glad I can stay home and order in!
 $500 “UN-Living it Up Package”
I would have purchased 2 Gala tickets, a bottle of wine, 2 drinks, an Auction item, and made a donation.
 $1,000  “UN-Decked Out Package”
I would have purchased 4 Gala tickets, 4 drinks, a bottle of wine, 2 Auction items, bought a new dress or shirt & tie, visited the salon or barber and hired a sitter.
$2,000   “UN-Entourage Package”
I would have purchased a Table, 2 bottles of wine, 2 Auction items, bid on a Live Auction item, and my guests would have all made a donation.
 $___________ “You UN-Name it Package”
Here is my donation. I have created my own amount.
Your tax deductible donation will provide the funds needed for our dogs-in-training programming and change lives for the better.
"The love of dogs is so great and to have not just their love ... but their support, trust and guidance - is life-changing. I have seen firsthand the difference a DWW dog can make to a person; how much their lives have changed when they have paired with their service dog!
On the flip side, I've seen the amazing amount of love that the DWW dog gets back from their client - who ultimately becomes their family and it's overwhelming. DWW service dogs are the only LOVE money can buy! It's powerful.
I am so disappointed that I won't get to host this year, but I know that you will continue to support this amazing organization at their UN-Gala.”
Seanna Collins
Raise Our Wings UN-Gala Host

Our UN-Gala Auctioneer Colin, dropped by Dogs with Wings to practice his skills! While he won't get to showcase them for you this year, our Service Dogs loved practicing with him. Check out this video!

This year, we invite you to support the Raise Our Wings UN-Gala! Your ticket "donation" will provide the funding needed to train exceptional Assistance Dogs to be placed with future clients.

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