Welcome to the Service Dog Introduction Training Program, or as we like to call it – the SIT Program!

This four week training seminar teaches you the in's and out's of Service Dog training. The program will provide you the opportunity to foster dog(s) in training, learn from professionals and clients in the industry, participate in field trips and train in public with Service Dogs in-training, and learn about health, wellness, and breeding of Service Dogs.

~Applications are now closed~

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dogs with Wings SIT Program is currently on hold and not accepting applications at this time. 
The SIT Program is closed for 2021 and will re-open in 2022.
Please direct your questions or application inquiries to info@dogswithwings.ca.

SIT Program Information Package


Cost - $3,500

- 140 instructional hours from Dogs with Wings’ staff, featuring clients, guest speakers, and professionals in the community

- Hands on practice and field trips (costs included)

- All materials for the two dogs that you will foster (if applicable) during the four weeks. This includes their food, bed, kennel, mat, bowls, toys and bones, poop bags, service dog jacket, equipment (collar, easy walk, halti, leash), medications (if applicable)

- Materials to help prepare you, include a treat pouch, instructional binder and materials, service dog ID card, backpack, and t-shirt


The SIT Program is a four-week training seminar program, occurring from July 6-31, 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta

Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm (hours may vary).


- 18+ years, with a willingness to learn

- No dog training experience necessary

- Applicants who owner-train service dogs will not be considered for this program


Questions about the SIT Program?

- Call Dogs with Wings at 780-944-8011

- info@dogswithwings.ca


Assistance Dogs International Disclaimer: Successfully attending and completing this Service Dog Introduction Training (SIT) Program does not signify that the attendee is a service/assistance dog trainer or qualified to train and/or place service/Assistance Dogs. Assistance Dogs International has specific standards that an individual must meet in order to be an assistance dog trainer – and taking part in this class does not meet these requirements.