Hearts of Gold

Dog VestDogs with Wings has the outstanding good fortune of having dedicated and compassionate individuals and business leaders across our province who give from the heart to support the work that we do. These donors ensure that our lights stay on, that all of our dogs health needs are met, and that our hardworking staff are rewarded for the work they do so passionately. Our donors keep Dogs with Wings alive and growing.

A thousand thank you’s wouldn’t be enough to express our appreciation for these amazing people. Whether they publicly sponsor the cause, encouraging others to do so too, or quietly pledge their recurring support asking neither for fanfare nor privilege, all are very deeply appreciated.

We can’t share the list of everyone who has given of their treasure to Dogs with Wings in this newsletter, but we can ask that you acknowledge, and where possible support, our many business partners. Click here to visit the FRIENDS page on our website for links to over 80 of our partners.