Meet Frodo!

Frodo is a very sweet 5-month-old black lab! He is very smart and picks up on new skills quickly and loves to learn. Being a young puppy, his energy is abundant, and he has lots of growing and learning left to do. He is doing well with his house training and loose leash walking and relaxes easily when his people are around. He’s up for whatever you want him to do!

Frodo’s biggest struggle is being away from his person. While this is something we believe he can overcome, he will need someone who is willing to work with him and teach him that being alone is not scary, and that you’ll always come back for him. He is currently taking anxiety medication, and we have him set up for his new family to seek behavioural support. With this support, the likelihood of him living a normal life is very high!

With some extra love and care, Frodo has huge potential to grow into an amazing family companion. Finding a stable and forever home will be just the remedy he needs. If you’re interested in a puppy who loves with his whole heart, contact us to learn more about Frodo and to get more information about the medication he is on and the help that he needs.