Puppy Cake Smash

This year has remained to be unpredictable through the pandemic with Covid-19 affecting us all. Our Team has pivoted yet again, to host our Puppy Cake Smash event virtually, ensuring DWW's strong commitment to maintaining our social responsibility for the safety of our guests, volunteers, and staff.

We hope you enjoy this video of how the puppies celebrated!  As we continue to look for ways to have all of us celebrate this incredible milestone together, please know your commitment and dedication to Dogs with Wings allows us to continue fulfilling our mission and transform lives!

Anniversary Puppy Naming Contest – Winners

Our two newest recruits have been named from our 25th Anniversary Themed Contest. They will be named DWW Silver and DWW Legacy!

Stay tuned to meet two more recruits in the next couple of weeks to find out their names! We look forward to watching these puppies one day earn their wings as they carry out their journeys with two very special names related to our history.

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Bridge Light Up Contest Winners

Thank you for joining us yesterday to celebrate Knut’s Excellent Anniversary Day Adventure and our Bridge Light up Contest. Our volunteers, sponsors, donors, Board of Directors, staff, clients, and supporters walked or drove across the High-Level Bridge and snapped photos of their experience.

The winners of last night’s contest are DWW Chico (Tai & Chris) and DWW Woody (Kelsey & Sam), check out their photo below! #DWW25 

Stay tuned for another fun contest DWW Knut will share with you next week!

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DWW Knut’s Anniversary Day Adventure – Sunset

This wraps up DWW Knut’s Excellent Anniversary Day Adventure. Thank you for being a part of DWW Knut’s Adventure and for your support along the way. Dogs with Wings is grateful to all the volunteers, sponsors, donorsBoard of Directorsstaff, clients, and supporters, both past and present. Together we are changing lives by placing Assistance Dogs to foster integration and independence for individuals living with disabilities... one dog at a time. 

Stay tuned to Dogs with Wings’ website and social media channels throughout the year for more adventures with DWW Knut as we continue celebrating our 25th Anniversary. 

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DWW Knut’s Excellent Anniversary Day Adventure – Venues

DWW Knut is reminiscing about our two signature event locations. First up is our Annual Graduation Ceremonies, at the Chateau Louis Conference Centre, where we have hosted five graduation ceremonies. Next up is Knut at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, where we hosted our most successful Annual Gala to date. The Raise our Wings Gala in 2019 raised $225,000 for DWW. We look forward to returning to in-person events in the future to continue our mission of fostering independence and integration for individuals living with disabilities.  

DWW Knut-Chateau Louis
DWW Knut-DoubleTreeHilton

DWW Knut’s Excellent Anniversary Day Adventure – Rogers Place

As DWW Knut continues his adventures to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, he made a special stop at Rogers Place. Knut and his friend DWW Booster are sending special CONGRATULATIONS to our friends the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation. Way to go, Connor McDavid on his impressive record of 100 goals in 53 games this weekend!

Continue to follow DWW Knut as he continues on his Excellent Anniversary Day Adventure for our DWW 25th Anniversary today! #DWW25

DWW Knut.RogersPlace.1

DWW Knut’s Excellent Anniversary Day Adventure – Continued

DWW Knut’s next visits included long-time supporters and dog sponsors at Stahl Peterbilt Inc., Crestwood Veterinary Centre, Booster Juice, and The Flag Shop. 

Stahl Peterbilt Inc. is a proud supporter of DWW and have been generous donors to DWW for 15 years. We are truly grateful for the Stahl Family and Stahl Peterbilt Inc. for their philanthropy and support over the years.  

DWW Knut-Stahl Peterbilt

Crestwood Veterinary Centre has been our veterinarian and health partner for the last 15 years. Not only does Crestwood provide valuable services and 24/7 advice to our dogs in-training, breeding dogs, and client dogs, but they have also sponsored our annual gala and several dogs in-training. We are so thankful for their support to keep our dogs happy and healthy!

DWW Knut-Crestwood

Booster Juice is the proud sponsor of puppy in-training, DWW Booster. DWW Booster is a puppy in training in our Edmonton Puppy Raising Program. With Booster Juice’s support, Booster is able to continue with his training to one day earn his wings and help a future client.  

DWW Knut & DWW Booster.BoosterJuice

The Flag Shop is a local supporter of Dogs with Wings here in Edmonton, AB. They are the proud sponsor of DWW Yara, an Edmonton puppy in-trainingand have also sponsored many other puppies prior to her. We are very fortunate to have the support and friendship from The Flag Shop team over the years.  

DWW Knut-The Flag Shop.1