Attention Calgary Dogs with Wings Supporters!

Ever wonder how you can get rid of those recycle bottles and cans without spending your time and money and waiting in line at the bottle recycle centers?  Well . . . wonder no longer!  With Skip the Depot, it’s simply a matter of a quick click and you can consider it done!

Skip the Depot is a FREE commercial and residential Calgary-based door-to-door recycling service.  Never go to the bottle depot again!  Skip the Depot will pick up, count and e-Transfer you the deposit values.  And what’s best is you can donate your deposit to Dogs with Wings!  When scheduling your pick-up, just indicate our charity for your donation and write our Customer ID# “9PVL” on your bags in the space provided for your pickup.  Dogs with Wings will even provide you with a tax receipt for all donations over $20.

Planning on hosting a Dogs with Wings fundraising bottle drive?  Skip the Depot will make your event run without a hitch!  Check out their website to find out how.

Download their app today, or Register at:






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