2018 National Philanthropy Day Awards by Dogs with Wings

Annaka Cook, Mike Schuh & DWW Jagg (Sponsored by United Construction Company Inc.) – NPD 2018
The McConnell Family – From Left: Kristi, Kaitlyn, Jeremy, Paul & DWW Jagg (Sponsored by United Construction Company Inc.) – NPD 2018


On behalf of Dogs with Wings, we would like to congratulate the 2018 National Philanthropy Award Recipients.  The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) held their 20th Anniversary of the National Philanthropy Day Awards event on Thursday, November 15th at the Francis Winspear Centre for Music.  DWW submitted three nominations for this special honor:


1) The McConnell Family (and United Construction Company Inc.) nominated for the Outreach Sector;

2) Annaka Cook nominated for the Community Enrichment Sector;

3) Mike Schuh nominated for the Education Sector.




United Construction Company Inc. (UCC) has been a long-time supporter of Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society (DWW).  Their unwavering philanthropy has made a profound impact on the Albertan community from dog and gala sponsorships, to construction services, to raffle ticket grand prizes and general donations.  When help is needed, they jump in with both feet, asking what they can do!  Jeremy McConnell, owner of UCC, is unsurpassed in his philanthropic efforts to support DWW and their mission to foster independence and integration for Albertans with disabilities by providing them with highly trained Assistance dogs.  No challenge is too big or too small.  Their generosity, dedication and service are truly notable by the clients they serve, their employees and their charity of choice, Dogs with Wings.





Annaka Cook is a valuable and dedicated volunteer member of the Dogs with Wings (DWW) community. Her eternally positive nature is noticed and appreciated by everyone around her.  As a Kennel and Training Assistant, Annaka does a lot of the not-so-glamorous work involved in training Assistance dogs. She spends time with each dog, grooming, brushing and relieving the dogs, never complaining, even when a dog has an “accident”.  Annaka is patient and open to feedback, embodying the “positive reinforcement” ideology of DWW, providing a positive impact on the dogs.   She goes above and beyond the call of duty by doing additional tasks without being asked or expected to. Annaka’s selfless giving and commitment to improving the lives of Albertans with disabilities with an Assistance dog, discreetly impacts the local community, where DWW is eagerly awaiting the creation of clone technology so they can create more volunteers just like her!





Mike Schuh, an Ambassador for Dogs with Wings (DWW), provides public presentations to local and surrounding companies and schools by bringing public awareness to the training of Assistance dogs.  As an Ambassador, he also attends fundraising events with the DWW Tap Dogs.  You will find Mike chatting with curious public members initiating interest in DWW.   His friendly and outgoing personality allows him to touch the heart of each person he meets, passing onto them the goals and values of DWW. Mike is the go-to guy, and he greets each opportunity with enthusiasm. His skilled handling of the dogs in training, leaves a propitious public impression. The impact Mike leaves on the public is invaluable to Service dogs and the work they do within the community of Alberta.  He touches people’s lives, and helps to educate on the advantages of Assistance dogs; the important work they do, and why.





 Far Right: Jeremy McConnell



Center with red dress: Annaka Cook



Center with DWW Jagg (Sponsored by United Construction Company Inc.): Mike Schuh


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