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We need your support in providing Assistance Dogs to individuals & agencies across Canada.

On average, the cost to breed, raise, train, and place one Assistance Dog is $40,000. Your donation allows us to provide an Assistance Dog to clients for the cost of only $1!

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Give a puppy a warm home by becoming a volunteer raiser or sign up for our monthly giving program to supply a puppy with food and veterinary care.


Dogs with Wings is a charitable organization that is reliant on the goodwill of the community.

Together, we transform lives.

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We rely on 150+ volunteers per year to help us breed, raise, and train Assistance Dogs. Our
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It is a privilege and honour to serve as Chief Executive Officer at Dogs with Wings, a dynamic pillar of excellence in our sector.

Dogs with Wings is distinct — We offer a unique social value proposition where philosophies in healthcare and animal welfare converge, recognizing the human-animal bond and the positive impact a trained Assistance Dog can have on one’s life and wellbeing.

Since 1996, we’ve placed over 200 Assistance Dogs with individuals or agencies in Alberta and beyond. The impact of our work is profound and tangible, thanks to a community of supporters who permeate our values of good will, compassion, and empathy.

Join me in our mission to uplift, empower, and transform a life today.

Miranda Jordan-Smith, BA, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

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