We Are Listening

We’ve Got Our Listening Ears On!

Dogs in ParkOn August 16, Dogs with Wings hosted a Town Hall Meeting welcoming volunteers, stakeholders, and friends to come out and talk about the best way for the organization to move into the future. There was a wonderful turnout of committed and passionate individuals from all segments of the DWW family. We truly appreciate the comments, questions, suggestions and concerns that were brought forward.

We listened. We learned. Now we are acting. One of the primary topics was communication and we want to let everyone know that we are taking a close look at what has and has not worked in the past. Trying to come up with the best plan to meet the needs of our DWW family in the years to come will take some time, but steps are being made and you can watch for announcements coming soon.

We also heard that many of you are ready, willing and waiting for a chance to offer your unique skills, education and talents to help Dogs with Wings grow. We are working on that too and have some exciting plans for the future.

Thank you for being the solid foundation on which this organization is built and continues to grow. We are all so very strong together.