Megen and Flash

Megen and FlashWhen people walk into their local home supply store, they ask for Megen. She has been an Associate learning her trade there for seven years. But her job got a whole lot better, and easier, five years ago when DWW Flash joined her on the sales floor. “The children and other customers feel more comfortable talking to me when Flash is around,” she says. Flash has really broken the ice with a lot of the customers who now rely on Megen to help them plan their projects and find just the right tools for the job. She is such a hit in the store that Megen’s boss wants to adopt Flash when she retires from active service.

The biggest impact on Megen’s life since getting Flash in 2011 is the independence they now have at home. “Flash and I have been a team for the last five years and I couldn’t imagine life without Flash. Flash has greatly improved my life.” Megen still lives in an assisted living facility, but she was able to move into an independent living suite when Flash joined her. Flash is able to pick up dropped items and turn lights off and on when needed. Flash is also trained to open the fridge, grab a bottle of water for Megen and go back to close the fridge, a task that Megen formerly had to page a staff person to do for her.

With some creative thinking, Megen was also able to set up a system that allows her to feed Flash her meals with help from staff only once a week to portion out the food. “I still have at least two more years with Flash and I will cherish every moment I have with her.”

Megen was able to move into an independent living suite when Flash joined her. Donate Button