Alex and Kasper

DWW KasperAlex is a determined young woman with huge plans for the future, and DWW Kasper is helping her get there. From their home in Bragg Creek, Alex and her two sisters all now in grade 11, are looking at finishing high school and exploring careers. Alex wants to be a preschool teacher and videographer creating movies. She wants to create movies for other youth with cerebral palsy (CP) and design fashionable accessible clothing for CP kids and their service dogs.

DWW Kasper has changed Alex’s life. “I can go out in my power chair alone. I feel protected.” Kasper helps to pick up dropped items, pushes door buttons, puts dirty laundry in the hamper, and opens and closes doors at home. Alex is teaching him to lock and unlock car doors from inside. He also provides comfort and protection at night meaning Mom no longer needs to stay in the room with Alex.

Alex’s mom says, “She can tolerate more stress and has reduced her medications because she is having fewer seizures. Now she’s not tired all the time.”

Alex and Kasper have become great advocates for Dogs with Wings, encouraging other CP kids to benefit from service dogs through public speaking at events like the CP resource fair and bike clinic. “I help kids overcome their fear of dogs. People who didn’t grow up with dogs don’t know how nice service dogs are.”

“All is going very well here with DWW Kasper. He and Alex are inseparable. He loves to attend Ballet Class with Alex. Life seems totally normal having DWW Kasper in our family and I cannot imagine our home without him. Thank you so much for placing him with us. He is truly loved and loves us.”

Kasper provides comfort and protection at night meaning Mom doesn't always need to stay with Alex. Donate Button