Get involved! Do you want to find out more about becoming involved with Dogs with Wings? We hold an information session at our Edmonton training centre at 5:30 pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Call Kerri Davis at 780.944.8011 for more details.
There are also volunteering opportunities in other areas of Alberta. For URGENT NEEDS please visit our current needs page.
Please see our below volunteer areas. Click for direct access to our volunteer application.
If you have questions regarding volunteering please feel free to contact us.

  • Puppy Foster Home (Puppy Raiser)

    We have puppy raising programs in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House and Grande Prairie.

    Love puppies? We have a couple of programs that may interest you.

    The role of the Puppy Raiser is to socialize the puppy to as many different environments and situations as possible: offices, restaurants, malls, elevators, public transportation.

    The ultimate goal is to help the puppy develop sufficient social skills and behaviours to enable it to be accepted in all environments.
    The Director of Training oversees this program, the training classes and assesses the progress of the puppy. We also have an Early Education Program for some of our puppies. In this program, the volunteer delivers the puppy to our Training Centre Monday through Friday and our training staff will work with the pups during the day. The raisers keep the pup overnight, and on weekends. This program is modelled on our Adult Foster Home, and additional details can be found in that section.

    Visit our document directory to see if you fit the criteria or to fill out our volunteer application form.

  • Adult Foster Home

    This program is only available in Edmonton.

    In the second stage of training, the dog moves into an adult foster home.This is where the assistance dog will live for the next approximately12 to 14 months while they receive their final training.

    These homes provide a low stress, stable and caring home environment while the dog is in advanced training. The dog is delivered to our facility every morning and picked up at the end of the day by the foster family.

    During the day, the dog will have one-on-one instruction with our apprentices under the direction of our Director of Training. This program gives the training staff the opportunity to observe every aspect of the dog’s social behaviour in and out of the working environment.

    Visit our document directory to see if you fit the criteria or to fill out our application form.

  • Boarding Home

    We need boarding homes in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, and Grande Prairie.

    The time commitment could for these volunteers could be as short as a weekend or up to a few weeks. The home training program for the dog is continued while in the boarding home.

    These volunteers provide temporary accommodations to our dogs in training. These situations arise when foster families have vacations or last-minute trips away from Edmonton, ensuring that our dogs are never kenneled.

    The training jackets worn by all puppies in the training program make the volunteers in our Foster Home programs highly visible, public ambassadors for Dogs with Wings.

    Visit our document directory to see if you fit the criteria or to fill out our application form.

  • Kennel Assistant

    This program is only available in Edmonton.

    The Kennel Assistant will help in establish routines in relieving as this is a very important skill for our future guide or Service Dogs. They will follow the protocol laid out during the application process. This position will also include walking the dog in our neighborhood.

    Additionally, puppy cuddling involves being able to come to our facility for scheduled times between the hours of 9am-4pm Monday thru Friday.

    Puppy cuddlers socialize with the puppy as much as possible which means holding them, handling them, touching their feet, face, ears and tail, taking them out to be relieved, and playing with them.

    You are not required to “train” the puppy but we do have guidelines to be followed. We usually schedule people in 1-2 hour time slots.

    Visit our document directory to see if you fit the criteria or to fill out our application form.

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