Make a Bequest

Remembering Dogs with Wings in your Will

With a bequest to Dogs with Wings, you can provide a very lasting legacy: support of future assistance dogs and their users. A new life for someone – a life made more fulfilling through your generosity.

Have you made a Will? Or if you have, is it still up-to-date? In making a Will, usually the first priority is your family and special friends. While you are deciding where your money will go, we hope you will think about leaving a gift to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society.

As a registered charity that receives minimal government funding, we rely heavily on support from the public. Thanks to people’s generosity, bequests are an important source of funds that enable future Albertans the chance to become mobile and independent with assistance dog, or to benefit from our other services.

Dogs with Wings subscribes to Imagine Canada’s ethical fund raising guidelines, and as a federally-registered charity, our financial records are available through the Canada Revenue Agency’s website. We are an income exempt charitable entity and a tax receipt will be issued to your estate.

By making a bequest to Dogs with Wings – that is leaving a gift or legacy in your Will – you can really make a difference. You are helping us to provide a range of services and training to improve the safety, quality of life and independence of Albertans with disabilities.

Your bequest, however big or small, is greatly valued and is a significant help in our future planning. Please let us know if you are considering leaving a bequest to Dogs with Wings and we will ensure you receive all the information you require to make this generous contribution.

There are many ways to create a charitable gift to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society in your will. Below are some examples of different kinds of gifts you can create in your will:

1. You may leave all or part of the remainder (residue) of your estate: ‘to pay or transfer ______ per cent of the residue of my Estate to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society.’

2. You may leave a specific asset: ‘If, at the time of my death, I am still the registered owner of [fill in the company name and number of shares here] common shares to pay and transfer such shares to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society.’ OR ‘to pay or transfer the net proceeds of sale from my real property municipally known as [fill in property address here] to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society’

3. You may leave a specific dollar amount: ‘to pay or transfer the sum of _____ Dollars [$] to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society.’

4. You may leave money to a person in a trust and leave the remainder to DWW after that person passes away (a testamentary trust): ‘to keep invested the rest and residue of my estate and to pay the net income derived therefrom to or for my said husband, [full name] during his lifetime. Upon the death of my said husband to pay or transfer the remaining residue of my estate to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society.’

5. You may leave money to DWW if one of the people you leave money to in your will dies before you (contingency beneficiary): ‘If in the event [name of person] predeceases me, to pay or transfer that portion of my estate to which [name of person] would have been entitled if they had lived to Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society.’

It is not necessary to notify DWW that you have included a bequest in your will. If you require more information, please contact us at 780.944.8011 and we will be glad to help you. Donate Button