Apply for a Facility Dog

Please Note:
We regret to inform you that Dogs with Wings is currently NOT able to accept new applications due to a high volume of current applicants. The application process will be re-opened once we have fulfilled our existing wait list. This will allow us to better serve our clients who are waiting for placements. Thank you for your patience and please check back frequently for updates.
Overview of Our Facility Dog Program
Facility dogs support a variety of treatment options, providing support by partnering with a facilitator in a health care, counselling, visitation, or victim services setting.
Facility dogs are taught essential house manners, as well as how to behave in public settings.

Facility dogs can be used for:
- Stress and anxiety reduction
- Companionship
- Relationship building
- Learning opportunities
- Therapy

Facility dogs are placed with a single person (their handler) within a facility/agency. When not at work, facility dogs live with their handler and as part of their family.

Application Process
Dogs with Wings has developed a detailed application process for our facility dog program to ensure the success of each team.

For more information on Assistance Dogs International (ADI) and the importance of accredited dogs:

For more information on other ADI certified service dog schools in Canada:
Canadian Association of Guide and Assistance Dog Schools

Applicants must first meet our criteria:
- You must be a permanent resident of and work in Alberta
- We must determine that there is a need, and that your facility would benefit from having a facility dog