They’re all Dog Days

D LitterOn March 17, Dogs with Wings “D” litter was born and are growing healthy and strong with their mom, DWW Luna at their whelping home with Sherry and Andy of Edmonton. They will be getting their official names on May 9th and heading to their puppy foster homes in Calgary on May 13.

May 9th is also the day that DWW Spirit II is expected to deliver the “E” litter. Charlene Johnson of Edmonton is getting all set up to whelp this bunch.

June 7th should see DWW Gemini delivering the “F” litter at the home of Sarah & Dwayne Huisman in St. Albert.

Tell your family, encourage your friends, chat up your neighbours: Dogs with Wings needs puppy raising homes!

Volunteer application can be found by clicking here.

Safety for All is the Training
Safety CartoonThe internet is a marvelous thing. It is the most diverse outlet for the human imagination in recorded history making it the largest wealth of information, and disinformation, ever known.

Take for example, various websites offering “Instant Service Dog Registration valid in the US and Canada” and even going so far as stating that “Emotional support dogs do not have to be trained to perform any specific task. Service dogs can be trained by their owners or in any other manner the owner desires.”

Unfortunately, Dogs with Wings receives phone calls every day from people who have looked at these sites and are horribly disappointed when they find out that their recently and expensively purchased pet can’t actually be trained or identified as a service dog. Worse is when they and their pet arrive at a public location with their just-arrived-by-mail vest, identification and certificate only to be turned away and subject to a hefty fine.

The reality is that in Alberta to be a qualified service dog under the Service Dogs Act, the dog must be trained through an Assistance Dogs International (ADI) accredited school. There are eight such schools across Canada and several in the US that do serve Canadian clients. These schools will provide properly identified equipment and certificates. DWW is the only ADI accredited school located in the Prairie Provinces.

Dogs with Wings has been actively working to educate people about assistance dogs for the past 20 years. We worked with the government of Alberta to draft the Service Dog Act based on international standards that ensure both the rights of the service dog user and the safety of the public is maintained.

We count on our volunteers, clients and friends to help DWW continue to educate the public about the law in Alberta and the vital role trained assistance dogs have in the lives of those who depend on them. To learn more about the Service Dog Act you can read the entire document by clicking here, or click here to view a CTV News Video!